Dr. Claudia Burger

How “Having It All” Sucked

As an ambitious researcher, successful project manager, responsible team leader & passionate lecturer as well as caring mother, loving wife & supporting friend I kind of had it all.

I had perfected the rat racing. And it came at a price.

Without noticing (!), I damaged my health for many years & suffered from working mom burnout.

As a result, I suffered from multiple health conditions, e.g. digestion, sleep, and fertility problems. I had gradually gotten so sick that I could not conceive. When I finally did, after years of trying again, I miscarried.

And was on sick leave for months.

New Working Mom Normalities

After phases of depression & uncountable emotional breakdowns, I decided that this could not be it.

This could not be the normal working mom lifestyle, the natural working mom state of being.

We believe that being out of balance in the form of chronic health issues, unbearable pressure, and constant stress is normal.

After turning my life around completely, I can assure you: Feeling overstrained on a daily basis, being in constant fight mode & suffering from chronic physical and mental constraints is not normal. It’s pathological.

“It’s time for new working mom normalities in terms of health, lifestyle & beliefs.”

Working Mom Balance

Once I corrected my understanding of a balanced lifestyle, holistic health & mental peacefulness,

Once I started to rely on my feeling instead of cognition for my decision-making,

Once I re-learned to read the signs my BodyMindSoul-Complex kept sending my way, my life changed from

    chronic disease to balanced health

    infertility to domestic bliss with two kids

    feeling exhausted & frustrated to being grateful & at ease

    achieving at work by imitating men to succeeding as a woman by running my own business

    having others tell me what to think and do to doing what I feel is right

    toxic relationships to appreciating friends

    environments that pull me down to contexts that level me up

    Sound too naive? I thought so too.

    Always easy? Not at all.

    Worth it? Absolutely.

    “Initiate the turning point in your life.”

    Why work with me?

    As a former teaching & learning researcher and higher education lecturer, I am an expert at developing meaningful deep learning environments and teaching online.

    Based on my expertise as cross-disciplinary researcher, Ayurveda coach & practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine I create unique learning opportunities that combine theoretical reasoning with hands-on advice.

    Working with me, you can expect high quality contents, methods & tools for deep learning experiences.

    Why not work with me?

    I am not the right match for you if you

    are looking for easy solutions to complex problems.

    want symptoms to vanish without accessing the root of the issue.

    seek fast results without implementing actual changes in your life.

    Working with me means re-considering your beliefs, de-constructing your ego & making changes in your everyday life – which is a long-term, often painful but rewarding process. If you’re up for it, I’m your girl.

    Time for Some True Change

    It’s unbearable to see that other working moms find themselves in similar situations.

    This is why I have developed my Woman by Nature Teachings & Coachings.

    If you wanna get from Working Mom Burnout to Woman by Nature Balance, I’m here for you!