Live Your Female Potential as a Woman by Nature

Are you already living your true potential? Difficult to say, isn’t it? What IS your true potential, and how do you know whether you’re already using it the way you could?

This article defines what I mean by “living your female potential” and “Woman by Nature,” thereby offering you a new idea of womanhood in the 21st century. Thus, if you are interested in your potential, in your power as a woman in this day and age, read on and feel inspired!

What’s a “Woman by Nature?”

When I speak of “Women by Nature,” I do not imply that we should all start living in treetop houses, start a herbs & insects only-diet, stop using makeup and shaving, and nit our own clothes. (Although this is all cool if you wanna go for it.)

To me, “Woman by Nature” means that we should hurry up rediscovering the unbelievable potential with which us women have been equipped by nature. From the get go. Since forever.

I argue that we have unlearned what I call the art of female decision-making, i.e. decision-making based on how we feel. We have been told for ages – especially in the era of science as a religion-substitute – that we should think and make decisions based on cognition only. If we dare to explain ourselves by saying “I feel that XYZ”, we are branded as “too feely,” which equals not being taken seriously.

This has to stop. We should not shy away any longer from using the power of feeling in order to make decisions in life.

Unfortunately, however, this is what we have forgotten how to do. In my opinion, us women completely miss the messages our body sends out, our heart sends our way, the universe is sending us non-stop. I’m not talking esotericism here, I’m talking actual body signs that are measurable, and yes, also more subtle signs.

Alienation from Ourselves

There are hundreds and thousands of situations that I recall when either myself or other working moms I know had a feeling, had an intuition but instead of acting on these signs, we started thinking and acted according to our cognition and what’s considered normal in mainstream society. As opposed to the gut feeling we had, for instance.

I argue that doing so has alienated us from our true nature. Further, I argue that it has resulted in us not being aware anymore of our true potential. And this means that life is so much harder on us than necessary.

We possess the power of simply perceiving what’s going on within us, around us, what’s right or wrong. But we are unaware. What a shame!

It’s like there is a women language that we have forgotten how to speak. But you know what they say about never forgetting how to ride a bike? Exactly, once learned, it’s still in your system, we only have to remember and try again. Re-condition.

Thus, Women by Nature are women who are able to perceive the signs & signals their BodyMindSoul-Complex is sending and know how to act on them. Who are able to listen to their heart, their gut, their intuition. Who are brave enough to free themselves from societal constraints and mind-blocking limitations and start to live by their feelings.

“Hanging in There” & “Powering Through?” No Longer an Option!

Transforming your life from Working Mom Exhaustion or even Working Mom Burnout to Woman by Nature Balance is about admitting to yourself that “hanging in there” and “powering through” is no longer an option. You admit that you are seeking more, true fulfillment in all facets of life.

You are going for a complete shift in your life, a fundamental transformation

from feeling low, exhausted, overstrained, stressed out, depressed, burned out, frustrated, jealous, more unhappy than happy, more dissatisfied than satisfied, from having self-doubts and feeling pain and shame

to generally – and not only temporarily – being full of energy, holistically healthy, truly happy, in deep gratitude, at peace, proud of yourself, in sync with yourself and truly balanced.

You don’t believe that’s possible? Well, one interesting research finding: Us women have never been as empowered before. And yet, we are unhappier than ever, have higher expectations of life and think “there must be more” (cf. Zammit, n.d.; Zammit, 2017).  

And there is.

A Woman by Nature, the New Woman is not anymore burned out and on edge. Rather, she is determined to make some fundamental changes in her life that create a holistically healthy and truly balanced lifestyle.

She doesn’t allow herself and others anymore to mess with and sabotage her innate female potential.

She is transforming her life from living by crazy normality standards to establishing new normalities.

She is both deeply rooted in her nature and knows how to make use of the possibilities this complex digital world is offering.

She no longer sells her femininity for acting according to the male habitus but is becoming more and more conscious of her female nature.

Sound good?

Start This Transformation AS OF TODAY

Transforming your life in this way starts with a true shift of mindset.

This mindset shift is contextualized within a larger paradigm shift FROM thinking TO feeling, FROM limitation TO actualization, FROM liberation in the outside TO liberation from within.

If this speaks to you, you have already started with re-organizing your mindset.

But it’s a process.

Moreover, the ideas outlined here may still seem a bit abstract. How does all of this translate into your working mom everyday life, right?!

Become a Woman by Nature: A Holistic Enterprise

Becoming the New Woman, a Woman by Nature, is a holistic endeavor that needs you to focus on various aspects in your life: your wellbeing and health, your nutrition, your daily habits and routines, your lifestyle choices, your mindset and self-conception, your relationships, external factors, and more.

In holistic terms, your burnout or general fatigue symptoms are highly intertwined with your nutritional and lifestyle habits, for instance.

Feeling exhausted, overstrained, depressed, and chronically sick is a multifactorial problem. Consequently, only holistic approaches tackling various factors will help you change this poor state of being and get you back in the driver’s seat.

And once you become aware of your Woman by Nature Potential, your female power in all its glory, your agency, this transformational process will become easier and much more manageable.

Even more so if you are not alone.

Join my Woman by Nature Teachings & Woman by Nature Coachings for more energy, holistic health, peace of mind, purpose, and self-actualization.

Together, we will look at the various factors that have an impact on your current state of being. With tailored-to-you advice, which is based on the old sciences of Ayurveda and TCM as well as cutting edge research findings, I will help you overcome your Working Mom Burnout and finally live your Woman by Nature Potential.

The best time to grow a tree was yesterday. The second best time is now. (Chinese proverb)

Can’t wait for you to get in touch!

Take care, lots of love & Namasté,



Zammit, C. A. (2017). Feminine Power as a Tripartite System of Relatedness: A Theoretical Exploration. California Institute of Integral Studies.

Zammit, C. A. (n.d.). The One Key Shift: How to Unlock Deeper Results in Your Work with Women. The Institute for Woman-Centered Coaching, Training & Leadership. Ebook.



Feb 1, 2024

Hi, I'm Claudia

As a former researcher turned women empowerment & Ayurveda coach, I help you get from Working Mom Burnout to Woman by Nature Balance.

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