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Stop your Working Mom Burnout

Dear working moms in this world, can you relate:

Do you constantly feel exhausted, overwhelmed & simply stressed out? Is everything just way too much? And are you suffering from digestion or weight problems, menstrual pains, depression and emotional instability, general fatigue, sleep problems, headaches, or muscle tension?

Working Mom Burnout is a thing. It’s a widespread phenomenon of this day and age.

And just so you know: If you can identify with the aforementioned working mom depiction – feeling chronically exhausted and suffering from diverse health problems – you do not need a medical expert who might or might not confirm this diagnosis. You just know. But you are not aware that you know…

This article helps you find out for yourself whether or not you suffer from Working Mom Burnout.

Use the Working Mom Balance Test, which is a simple but eye-opening checklist for your self-assessment that I developed for you to access for free.

Further, I inform you about the 3 factors that are standing in the way of understanding if the Working Mom Burnout applies to your current Working Mom State of Being.

Also, based on these factors, I provide you with a 3-step-process that shows you how to transition from Working Mom Burnout to Woman by Nature Balance.

But let’s first check if we’re on the same page, shall we?

Find Out: Are You This Kind of Working Mom?

We know it: Being a mom is the most difficult thing in the world. There’s all this responsibility, and you can never call it a day. We love it, we can’t imagine what it’s like not to take care of our kids, the most precious gifts we have ever gotten.

At the same time, however, raising kids is tough because it confronts us with our strengths and weaknesses alike. Also, emotionally, it’s beyond strenuous because it’s the worst for us to see our kids suffer. We rather hurt ourselves than seeing them being hurt. We are all in, there’s no compromising.

On top of it, there’s work. We love working because it’s our passion, we are called for doing what we do, it empowers and frees us. It’s part of our identity. But there’s pressure, too. It comes as a package.

And there’s still more, so much more: household duties, all obligations that come with the kids, our partnership, our extended family, our friends – the list goes on and on.

And still, we haven’t touched upon our own needs yet. The time we would potentially need to get some rest. To re-balance. Do whatever it is that we feel is good for us: just relaxing, working out, doing yoga, meditating, gardening, handicrafts – you name it.

But complaining is off the table. Because we have chosen to live this kind of life. Complaining is making us feel bad, guilty even, because we are beyond grateful for all we have. Under no circumstances do we want to imply ungratefulness.

Do you identify? If so, stay with me.

Why Your Working Mom Reality Stinks!

You likely believe that as a working mom it’s normal to feel chronically tired, oftentimes frustrated, jealous, and generally low. And that suffering from symptoms such as digestion or weight problems, menstrual pains, depression, emotional instability, and sleep problems is just how it is, right?

You think it’s normal to be under constant pressure, and that juggling everything all at once all the time is just what being a working mom is like.

This is what we tell each other and ourselves. Life as a working mom simply is tiring. Full stop.

And it is, there’s no denying it.

But here’s my BUT because the secret is this: Life as a working mom doesn’t have to be permanently exhausting. You don’t have to exchange domestic bliss and career success for permanent struggling, poor health & Working Mom Burnout.

Why We Need New Working Mom Normalities

We are conditioned to believe that “hanging in there” and “pulling through” and “juggling it all” is what we need to do as working moms, simply because this is the ‘normal’ working mom image, the current mainstream Working Mom Narrative. A narrative that we are daily confronted with in terms of media representations. A narrative we live by and turn into our own reality on a daily basis.

The crux is your belief in what’s normal, your definition of normality. It’s the standards you apply and live by.

Let’s re-write the narrative, shall we?

Before getting to the step-by-step process on how to start your journey from Working Mom Burnout to Woman by Nature Balance, let’s check whether you feel that the Working Mom Burnout Phenomenon applies to you.

Working Mom Balance Self-Check

We do not need any experts to conclude for ourselves whether or not we are completely fit & healthy OR sick & ill; we don’t need anyone to assess whether we are totally in OR completely out of balance. You are your own expert IF you allow yourself to overcome 3 things that have so far prevented you from seeing the obvious.

Ready for some clarity? Great, let’s look at the 3 factors that are standing in the way of understanding for yourself if the Working Mom Burnout applies to your current state of being:

  • Crooked up-to-date mainstream Working Mom Narrative: Your perception is filtered by misleading standards of what’s normal. You cannot perceive that you are on permanent overload because the standards you live by are intoxicating and thus harmful to your health & wellbeing. What you think is normal is not.
  • Inability to feel & read the signals your BodyMindSoul-Complex is sending your way: You have unlearned to act on the clues that your body, mind & soul provide, either because you have become too numb to even feel them or you have been conditioned to ignore them. You have unlearned to speak BodyMindSoul-Language.
  • Should-noise: You condition yourself to thinking in terms of “shoulds” (as in “I should think and do XYZ”), which keeps you from accepting alternative worldviews and acting on the imbalance-clues of your body, mind & soul. Thus, although you are aware and feel that imbalance is in place, you cannot translate your knowledge & perception into your busy everyday life.

Since our conditioning to harmful standards and crooked normalities is very powerful, I have complemented this theoretically inclined 3 factor-list with a hands-on checklist called the Working Mom Balance Test that you can access for free.

Completing the test, you will for sure know whether or not your BodyMindSoul-Complex is in balance or not, and thus whether or not you can consider yourself a Working Mom Burnout candidate.

Because here’s the thing: Do you really need an expert to tell you whether or not you want to make changes in your life to feel better?

I know, it’s sad but we have actually gotten that far: We have reached a point when we depend on other authorities telling us how we feel. It’s that bad. We don’t anymore rely on our own perception, our own feelings but need other – sometimes questionable – authorities telling us what it is that we perceive.

Choose Your Own Working Mom Reality

This article – my whole work, actually – is all about helping you learn to feel again. We have un-learned to perceive and listen to the signs & signals our BodyMindSoul-Complex is sending our way.

Why? Because we have numbed ourselves with harmful narratives of what the normal Working Mom Lifestyle, the normal Working Mom State of Being should look like.

After having read so far, and after having completed the Working Mom Balance Test , you have a feeling that tells you whether you suffer from Working Mom Burnout or are in danger of becoming a Working Mom Burnout candidate. (Just so you know: The fact that you have read so far already serves as an indication.)

Now what?!

It’s time for you to decide what kind of life you wanna live, what kind of normality-standards you are determined to apply and live by from now on. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you wanna be unbalanced OR balanced?
  • Do you wanna be frustrated and depressed OR happy?
  • Do you wanna be exhausted OR feel light, fresh & and young? And look it?!
  • Do you wanna be unhealthy OR healthy?
  • Do you wanna fight OR achieve without fighting?
  • Do you wanna feel jealous OR grateful & self-confident?

Exactly, I thought so.

So what’s next?

3 Steps of How to Get from Working Mom Burnout to Woman by Nature Balance

Here’s my 3-step-process that helps you turn things around and start your transformation from Working Mom Burnout to Woman by Nature Balance:

  • Un-filter your perception and correct the Working Mom Narrative: Become aware of how misleading and harmful the current mainstream Working Mom Narrative is, learn about new standards and the New Normal Working Mom State of Being. This shift of mindset is the first step of your change management process.
  • Re-learn how to feel and speak body-mind-soul language: Learn about the signs & signals your BodyMindSoul-Complex is sending your way and that you have been conditioned to ignore. In this deep learning phase of your journey, you experience a truly mind-blowing change of perception that opens up new experiences of what it means to be you. Get to know the tools you need for deciphering your body & mind clues.
  • Implement long-term lifestyle, nutrition, mindset & relationship changes in your life: Against the backdrop of both your new knowledge and experiences, learn acting on these new normal insights and use a framework and process-guidance to gradually make the changes you need for more balance in your busy everyday working mom life. This stage is a continuous, natural re-balancing loop that levels up your state of being for long-term holistic health, peace of mind & happiness.

Yes, you are right: This approach is not about instant damage control & speedy solutions to long-term suffering.

Learning to feel again, correcting your beliefs, balancing your health & changing your lifestyle is an ongoing process that doesn’t happen overnight.

Is it always easy? Not at all.

Is it worth it? Absolutely.

But find out for yourself.

I Was Where You Are Now

I was where you are now. My health, lifestyle, mindset & relationships were severely dysbalanced – but I wasn’t able to notice.

As a result, I couldn’t conceive, and when I finally did, I miscarried. Due to many, many health issues, a fragile mental state, and phases of depression, I was on sick leave for months.

Getting better took me a long time. But you can take the shortcut.

Start Your Transformation for Holistic Health & True Balance

As a former researcher, project manager, team leader, and lecturer turned women empowerment & Ayurveda coach, I have created the Woman by Nature Teachings & Coachings that help you overcome your Working Mom Burnout for more energy, holistic health, happiness & true self-actualization.

Based on ancient wisdom, scientific research, and my very own experience you are provided with tools, frameworks & step-by-step processes that guide you to your New Normal Working Mom State of Being.

Start out with the Woman by Nature Essentials. Looking forward to collaborating 😉

All best, take care & Namasté,


Dr. phil. Claudia Burger

Sep 2, 2023

Hi, I'm Claudia

As a former researcher turned women empowerment & Ayurveda coach, I help you get from Working Mom Burnout to Woman by Nature Balance.

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